Simple Oxygen Mask

Item No.: K000101
Adult Elongated (XL)
Adult Standard (L)
Pediatric Elongated(M)
Pediatric Standard(S)
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Description Packing
1.Made of clear soft PVC
2.Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit
3.210cm oxygen supply tube can be configured
4.Sterile, disposable, individually packed,with connection tube:
a.Proper size to fit the face of an infant from one month to 12 months.
b.Standard connection site on the mask and anti-crush tubing.
Size Qty/Ctn Carton(cm) Weight
Adult Elongated (XL) 100 48x38x25 7.5/7kgs
Adult Standard (L) 7/6 kgs
Pediatric Elongated(M) 6.5/5.5kgs
Pediatric Standard(S) 5.5/4.5kgs
Neonate(XS) 5/4kgs