Respiratory and Anesthesia

Nebulizer Mouthpiece

Item No.: K000301
This item is a device used to deliver medication to people in the form of a small liquid particle inhaled into the lungs during breathing.
1. Made from non-toxic PVC, non-odorous, transparent and soft 
2. 100% latex-free
3. Type or size :infant, pediatric, adult
4. Individual peelable polybag or blister pack Sterile
5. Available with CE and ISO 13485,FDA ,GMP
Size Qty/Ctn Carton(cm) Weight
XL-Adult elongated 100 48x38x30 9/8kgs
L-Adult standard 100 48x38x30 8.5/7.5kgs
M-Pediatric elongated 100 48x38x30 8/7kgs
S-Pediatric standard 100 48x38x30 7.5/6.5kgs
XS- Neonate  100 48x38x30 7/6kgs
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