Beauty Syringe

Item No.: K804001
32G 7mm
32G 10mm
32G 13mm
Description Packing
1.The curer benevolent heart shape design;
2.Shark tail-shaped booster. Faciliate the injection of viscous liquid;
3.Withdrawing thumb loop; allow immediate withdraing in the case of approaching to blood vessels or nerves;
4.32G ultra-thin & short inclined needle tip brings you no pain or bleeding;
Size Qty/Ctn Carton(cm)
with 25G needle 1ml 1500 79X25X65
1ml (luerslip)short 1500 79X25X65
1ml (luerslip)long 1500 79X25X65
1ml (luerlock) 1500 79X25X65
2.25ml(luerslip) 1500 79X25X65
2.25ml(luerlock) 1500 79X25X65
3ml(luerslip) 1500 79X25X65
3ml(luerlock) 1500 79X25X65
5ml(luerslip) 1500 79X25X65
5ml(luerlock) 960 79X25X65
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